For A Car Loan Using Simple Interest At A Given Rate, The Amount Of Interest Charged Varies Jointly With (2023)

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Answer 1

Okay, we start with the formula for simple interest,A = P(1 + rt). However, we are really interested in the p*rt part of the formula. Why? r is the interest rate, p is the principaland t is the time.

Let's solve for r using the first loan info.

We have r*6*15000=2610 ------> r=2.9%. From our calculation the interest is 2.9% per year.

For the $32,000 loan in 8 yrs, the interest amountis 8*2.9%*32000=$7424

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Jamie and his parents are traveling from one part of the city to another. on the way, they stop at a gas station to refuel the tank. lanellem is a small self-service retail store attached to the gas station. it sells food items like sandwiches and soda as well as nonfood items such as groceries, magazines, and alcohol. jamie's mother picks up a few sandwiches and a magazine for the rest of the journey. according to this scenario, lanellem is most likely a _____.


In this scenario thesmall self-service retail store attached to the gas station thatsells food items like sandwiches and soda as well as nonfood items such as groceries, magazines, and alcohol is most likely aconvenience store.
The term convenience store describes a store that sellseveryday items.
(a limited selection of basic items).

For the category "fruit," people give a higher typicality rating to "banana" than to "kiwi." knowing that, we can also reason that when people are asked to list all the fruits they can think of, kiwi will usually appear on their list before banana. neither kiwi nor banana are likely to be "closest" to the prototype of the fruit category. the word "fruit" will lead to a larger priming effect for banana than for kiwi. people will have a similar number of exemplars for kiwi and banana.


Knowing that for the category "fruit," people give a higher typicality rating to "banana" than to "kiwiwe can also reason that:the word "fruit" will lead to a larger priming effect for banana than for kiwi.
Membership in a category is determined by comparing the object to a prototype that represents the category. In this case both kiwi and banana are members of the category fruit, but banana is more "famous".

Anish, a single indian biology professor, went to the local national bank to apply for a home loan. the banker told anish that she would not qualify for a loan. according to the bank's policy, the banker explained, minority group members are risky because they are not likely to hold a steady job. this is an example of


The fact that thesingle Indian biology professor Anish was not given home loan from the local national bank becauseminority group members are risky because they are not likely to hold a steady job is an example ofinstitutional discrimination.
Institutional discrimination isdiscrimination that has been incorporated into the structures, processes and procedures of organizations.

A(n) ________ is a single firm with ________, whereas ________ implies an industry with ________ firm(s) that has(have) ________. oligopoly; no barriers to entry; monopoly; many; easy entry and exit monopoly; barriers to entry; monopolistic competition; many; easy entry and exit monopoly; barriers to entry; oligopoly; few; no barriers to entry monopolistic competitor; barriers to entry; monopoly; one; barriers to entry


A monopolyis a single firm withbarriers to entry, whereasmonopolistic competitionimplies an industrywithmany firm(s) that has(have) easy entry and exit.
In a monopoly market thereis only onesupplier of a particular commodity.
The monopolistic competition isimperfect becausemany producers sell products that are differentiated from one another.

Using statistics to help make business decisions enables executives to A.eliminate risks.
B.predict business cycle. C.decrease government regulation
D.reduce risks.


First: Answer"B" then Answer"D"

Abigail does not feel that the company is paying her enough money to live on, despite the fact that she works hard. The quality of this will make her dissatisfied with her work, according to Frederick Herzberg.


The correct answer is hygiene factors. Hygiene factors is being describe as the job dissatisfaction that an individual feels for the job that he or she is in. The individuals are adequately addressed by this, they are likely not to be dissatisfied or will be satisfied.

Come with me on a journey into the future. We will change the way people interact with each other and with their environment. The world will be a better place because of the products we will​ produce." These are statements likely made by​ a(n)


The correct answer is visionary leader. A visionary leader is a person who thinks about the advancements or the future in a way that it is creative and imaginative as possible and that the person is thinking ahead of time and has the power for change.

People often buy a product because of the __________ they associate with its benefits. A. Place B. People C. Entities D. Emotions


People often buy a product because of theEntities they associate with its benefits. They arethings with distinct and independent existence. Option letter C is the correct answer.

c isnt the right answer i just took the test

Latoya has developed a progressive form of hearing loss. to ensure that she is still able to perform the essential functions of her​ job, her employer was required to make a reasonable accommodation and equip her office telephone with a specialized headset. which law or ruling is most applicable to this​ scenario?


The one most applicable to this scenario is theAmericans with Disabilities Act.

Hope this helps!!

Dell Computer Corporation sells personal computers to colleges and universities, hospitals, civic clubs, charitable organizations, and foundations. This market is called a(n) ____ market. a.reseller


D. Consumer is they arket they sell too.

E.Producer, because they make their own goods to sell to others.

Hillary has a new product idea that aligns well with her company's current organizational resources. She puts together a presentation for potential buyers and requests feedback on their reactions and suggestions. Hillary is a.conducting a business analysis.
b.generating product ideas.
d.test marketing.
e.concept testing.


I would say that Hillary is test marketing to see if there is interest in her idea for a new product and if they would be interested in buying it or if they could use it ie if it has practical uses and if they have any suggestions on how to improve it.

It is important not to make changes to a social media plan once it has begun.


The correct answer is False


In business, a social media plan includes the content, type of interactions and strategies the company will use in social media to create a positive image of the company and catch the attention of possible customers. Like any other plan, a social media plan should include only attainable goals and precise steps to achieve these.

Additionally, it is necessary during the development of the plan, the company evaluates the progress and makes changes if necessary because this guarantees goals are achieved even if the original path was not followed. This means, it is false you should no make changes because if necessary the company needs to make changes or adjustments in the plan.

The answer is false


Why would someone interested in business pursue a career in food service management?


I think that someone interested in business may pursue a career in food service management because managing food services like say managing restaurants or managing supplies to restaurants or grocery stores is a valid business. By way of further explanation, I believe that business usually involves some management just as the business of food services involves management which means that the food services manager must decide on the supply of food ie its quantity and quality and where it goes ie who it is sold to and also govern the employees to carry out the tasks involved in the food services like distribution etc so decide who does what and when etc.


To gain the skills necessary for managing businesses


Management is a term that describes the administration (process of running) of a business or organization. It also describes strategic activities geared towards coordinating efforts of staff or volunteers to achieve goals of a business or organization through the use of resources (human, technological, natural and financial) that are available.

Good or proper Management is important to the success of a business. Hence it is important that anyone interested in business (economic system of exchanging services and goods for money) has excellent management skills or can hire someone with such skills.

1. Which of the following is an example of a raw material that would be used in the production of a physical product? a.Steel sheets

2. In her local supermarket,​ Susan purchases green beans in a white can simply label​e​d as green beans. This represents a(n) ____ brand.


1 is A and 2 is i think B

Investments in securities or mutual funds are not as secure as saving accounts because


The securities or mutual funds can fluctuate in value much more than the interest rate on savings accounts plus the principal is protected for savings accounts so it cannot be lost therefore for very conservative investors the savings account is safer.


Investments in securities or mutual funds are not as secure as saving accounts because they are not fixed and the demand for the securities defines their price.


There are two main reasons for this answer. First of all, a savings account can be fixed on debt, interest, or nothing. However, it doesn't risk your capital because the integrity of the investment is backed by the institution, or if it is fixed to public debt, it is secured by the government. While securities and mutual funds don't use debt or only saving schemes to save money. They are translated into products that are sold under demand schemes that define their price based on how much people want them and the price they are willing to pay for them.

Visually impaired individuals generally rely on the ____for navigation.


I would say that visually impaired individuals would tend to rely more on their ears and sounds to navigate through the world since their eyesight would at leasst be somewhat limited so for example to cross a street they will listen for the tweety bird sound and learn which cross-walk it is meant for.




A logo would need A. a trademark.
B. proof of fair use.
C. a patent.
D. a copyright.


A trademark, ‘A’ is the answer

B or d I think possible maybe this is my best guess

How do stocks represent ownership in a company?


Explanation: Stocks represent an ownership interest in the company because they entitle the owner to a share of the profits and losses. Because a stockholder is a shareholder, they participate in profits and own assets on the balance sheet.

Assets and Earnings. Hope This Helps!

Would you rather fund your company using mostly debt funding, or mostly equity funding?


Funding using debt allows you to keep all ownership of the company and equity funding gives control to someone else and puts a price on the company which isn’t good if just a small start up


debt funding


because funding using debt allows you to keep all ownership of the company and equity funding gives control to someone else and puts a price on the company which isn’t good if just a small start up

Incremental change within an organization often means no changes will be made because those in power can easily resist making such changes. a. True
b. False


The correct answer is False.

Incremental change means that small adjustments are made toward an end result. In a business environment, making anincremental changeto the way that things are done normally does not expressively threaten prevailing power structures or alter current approaches to work.

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Uhh derp idk hw to get out of this friendzone lol Jk but seriously help me 2x + 4 = y Research suggests that the age at which toilet training takes place has risen over the years. Today, the average age of toilet training is around _________. U left your friend outside skateboarding while u went inside to get water. u heard him screaming in pain just a minute later. u return to the street to see him on the ground holding his shoulder that looks deformed. u don't see any blood. what type of injury might he have A. dislocation B. muscle cramp C. open fracture D. sprain Do you think it is possible to change a major characteristic of your personality? Is it really possible to become more enthusastic? Dr. ainsworth believes that one's personality largely reflects internal conflicts and unconscious forces. dr. ainsworth appears to take a _____ perspective on personality. Identify which of these factors make the stop shopping church, started by reverend billy in 1999 in new york city, different from the typical protestant church. "i done learned my mistake and learned to do what's right by it. you still trying to get something for nothing. life don't owe you nothing. you owe it to yourself. If an announcer describing each pitch during a baseball game fails to notice a naked fan running across the infield, the announcer would be demonstrating: If dehydration is the abnormal depletion of body fluids, then what is the name of the condition that results from an excess of water in your body fluids? Fifty people are selected randomly from a certain population and it is found that 12 people in the sample are over six feet tall. what is the best point estimate of the proportion of people in the population who are over 6 feet​ tall? During the Thirty Year's War, which country supported Catholicism and Ferdinand II? A. France B. England C. Spain D. Belgium What is the only type of chemical signal that diffuses locally and affects nearby cells? What is the prime factorization of 154? 2 × 7 × 11 2 × 7 × 13 2 × 5 × 11 2 × 5 × 13 Explain how genetics and environment influence the similarities and differences within twins. be sure to give specific examples alluding back to the textbook (as well as any other sources of information, such as research). How much reliance on misinformation and arbitrary guesswork did the central intelligence agency and the joint chiefs of staff undertake in the planning stages of the invasion? how do they arrive at the conclusion that no overt u.s. action would be necessary? How did henry viii of england react when the pope refused to annul his first marriage? I am really lucky to belong to an organization that places an emphasis on rewarding us for meeting challenging goals. my organization in this example is using which cultural dimension from the globe studies In guinea pigs, assume black coat is completely dominant over white. to determine whether an unknown black guinea pig is pure or hybrid black, it should be crossed with Identify some of the ideals of the american "melting pot." are these ideals we should try to maintain today, or are they outdated? explain your answer. Identify at least 3 pros or cons of passenger need only identify 3 total, but make sure to have at least one pro and one con. explain why each is a pro or a con.

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